A Solid Reputation for Excellence in Residential and Commercial Insulation

Isolation Multi-Services was established by founder and president Jessie Guité, who was later joined by his associate, Vincent Brouillette. The company experienced rapid growth as a result of their hard work, great attention to detail, and responsive customer service.

Experienced Insulation Contractor

Isolation Multi-Services specializes in residential and commercial insulation, membrane installation, soundproofing, and many other leading-edge services. Our clients in Montreal, Laval, the North Shore and the South Shore know that they can count on our experience, our expertise, and the outstanding quality of our insulation products for optimal results.

Save Up Thanks to Our Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient Insulation Services

Whether you need to rebuild the insulation of a building or if you’re planning to have this type of work done while building your new house, our team can rise to the challenge. Good insulation traps in heat indoors, reducing your electricity consumption and lowering your energy bill!

Today, many clients call upon our expertise and services for all types of projects, big or small. Thanks to our impressive fleet of trucks, we can ensure more rapid response times everywhere in the North Shore, the South Shore, Montreal, and Laval.

Consistent CAA awards of excellence attest to our company’s high level of customer satisfaction and attest to our ability to serve clients’ specific needs.

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Founder and President

After many years of experience in the field of insulation, Jessie decided to found a company to build on his expertise in the field and to benefit his new customers. Demonstrating great professionalism, his desire to provide and apply products based on advanced technology combined with outstanding customer service leads him to travel regularly to ensure that the work being done on Isolation Multi-Services’ active sites meets his strict criteria.



Vincent has many years of experience in the field of construction with a specialization in insulation. Vincent's interest in everything related to the environment and his concern about energy costs constantly rising led him to specialize in insulation, which is what led him to join Jessie at Isolation Multi-Services.