How does one insulate a cantilever that is always cold?

What is a cantilever?

A cantilever is a residential extension that sticks out from one side of the house, and that is not supported by beams or posts. This additional structure can be used as a balcony or as a separate room and is commonly used to extend a small home. However, this addition comes with specific challenges regarding residential insulation, considering that a cantilever extension is located outside the structure.

How to ensure the proper insulation of a cantilever

A recurrent problem we see is that cantilevers are often insulated with wool, an unsuitable material for this type of structure. Our experts believe that a good practice would be to remove the existing insulation and add a 7’’ layer of polyurethane, a much more efficient material for this specific structure.

It is best to deal with experts for cantilever insulation, to avoid unpleasant surprises such as an improper installation, which would make the floors of the cantilever cold. Whether you have an insulation project in Laval or Montreal, trust our experts to do the work for you. Our professionals combine years of experience in the insulation of cantilevers.



What is the best way to ensure proper crawl space insulation?

Crawl Space Insulation: What to Avoid

Many people think that the best way to insulate a crawl space or a service cellar is to insulate the ceiling, which is not the best idea. Whether for a Montreal or Laval insulation project, Isolation Multi-Services brings you the right solution for your basement insulation for efficient and long-lasting results.

Best Solution for Crawl Space Insulation

To put an end to your cold air infiltration problem once and for all, the ideal solution is to insulate the walls because they are cold, and they lower the ambient air temperature. If we insulate the walls, the ambient air will be warmer and, therefore, the floors will be as well. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your basement more freely while being comfortable at all times.

For your residential or commercial insulation needs in Montreal, you can count on the experts at Isolation Multi-Services. With their extensive experience in crawl space insulation, they’ll give you a clear picture of the situation.


Can polyurethane be used for insulating under concrete slabs?

Polyurethane spray foam may be used as thermal insulation in a concrete floor slab if it is not a structural slab.

Its use on a structural concrete slab on the ground requires verification and confirmation from an expert to determine if such use is suitable.

Can one insulate outside with polyurethane?

Polyurethane foam is commonly used to insulate buildings from the outside where the foam is in contact with the adjacent soil.

For example, it can be installed on the outer face of foundation walls or under a concrete floor, where the floor slab is not fulfilling a structural function.

Is condensation a problem that can be solved by adding cellulose?

Most of the time, a condensation problem is due to poor ventilation in the attic.
Installing styrovents before adding cellulose will play a key role in reducing the humidity in your home as much as possible. Installing a ceiling fan is also recommended, as is clearing soffits if they are blocked.