Can rodents live in cellulose?

First, it is important to take a look at the composition of a cellulose insulation, which features numerous advantages in comparison to other insulating materials, especially for environmental reasons. Cellulose wadding is made from newspaper and recycled paper, which makes it a high-performance eco-material. The recycled paper is first milled then; it is exposed to antifungal, fireproof and insect repellant treatments using boric acid, among other things.

An inhospitable environment for rodents

Although there is no guarantee, boric acid, which is a natural salt that’s added to cellulose wadding, is excellent for preventing rodents from settling between the walls and partitions because it creates a dry, inhospitable environment for them. As a matter of fact, rodents seem to prefer other types of insulation such as wool mat, fiberglass, and rock fiber. It is for this reasons that cellulose is a great solution for insulation against rodents.

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