Urethane: Efficient Thermal Insulation

Urethane, better known as polyurethane, is a synthetic material used for thermal insulation in residential, commercial and institutional applications. Urethane boasts optimum thermal resistance and an R factor higher than 6 while providing air/vapour barrier.

Urethane insulation prevents air infiltration by sealing the envelope of the building to be insulated, whether it is a house, a business or an establishment. When injected or sprayed, the application of urethane causes the product to expand and fill cracks, resulting in a permanent, watertight and waterproof adhesion of the material.

An Energy-Efficient Solution That Pays Off

Not only is urethane insulating, but it is also air-proof, making it a highly attractive energy-efficient solution that significantly reduces the energy consumption of a building. In Montreal especially, urethane insulation is a popular choice in home construction because it reduces heating consumption by preventing heat from escaping in the winter, and air conditioning consumption by preventing heat from entering in the summer. When applied to key areas such as the attic, ceiling, roof or cantilever, urethane insulation makes a profitable investment that leads to an improvement in the building's overall energy.

Advantages of Installing Urethane Insulation

The professional installation of urethane foam insulation comes with many advantages. By entrusting your insulation installation project to an expert from Isolation Multi-Services, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the product is used appropriately for its approved purpose. For example, a professional installer will only apply sprayed urethane to a foundation wall if it is covered with a fireproof material due to the flammable nature of the product. It is always preferable, even essential to rely on a certified technician to do the work to avoid dangerous situations and poor results.

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