Wool Mat

Although cellulose is the most preferred product in the construction industry, wool mat is an excellent alternative due to its many properties.

In addition to fitting the requirements of the Canadian building code, wool mat insulation is also an economical solution due to its speed of execution and versatility. It can be used as both thermal and acoustic insulation as needed.

Composed of fiberglass, it is mainly used in exterior walls. However, it can also be installed in attics, flat ceilings or basement walls.

Due to its durability, it will not lose any performance over time and therefore will not require replacement. Moreover, it is resistant to mold and moisture and helps to reduce the costs of heating and cooling. It is also fire resistant, making it a safe choice for your family’s home.

At Isolation Multi-Services, our installers have the expertise that ensures a professional and regulation compliant job, regardless of the chosen type of insulation.