What is the R-value? (also called the R factor)

The R-value is a unit of measurement (imperial), expressed in m2 / KW, which expresses the ability of a material to slow the flow of heat through it.

The R-value, used in the construction industry, is the Thermal (R) esistance of an insulating product. The resistance is determined according to the thickness and thermal conductivity of the material. The higher the R-value of the insulation is, the more effective it is in preventing the cold or heat from getting inside a building.

It is possible to improve the heat resistance by increasing the material thickness or by using a low thermal conductivity material.

However, one must not put blind trust in this value! The materials are evaluated in the laboratory and it is from these analyses that the value is assigned. It is clear that once on site or in a building, the results can vary a bit.

In addition, some materials are not compatible and can undermine the final result.

That is why we must take into consideration the complimentarity of work done and why it is advisable to deal with experts.