Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Attic?

Many home owners forget about their attic. Some people use it as an extra storage space, and others forget about this area of the home entirely. Your attic is much more important for the health of your home than you might think, even though it is often neglected. The experienced technicians at Isolation Multi-Services provide a series of attic restoration and repair services that can improve the health of your home and save you money in the process. Here are a few of the reasons why maintaining your attic is important for any home owner.

Attic Insulation Saves Money

Insulating your attic saves money on energy costs, especially in the dead of winter. If your home doesn’t stay at a consistent temperature or if your energy bills are consistently higher than expected, your attic may not be properly insulated. Poor attic insulation causes thermal transfer, which means that the outdoor temperature is moving indoors and putting more strain on your heating or cooling system. A lack of attic insulation can add an extra 33% to your energy bill.

Attic Ventilation is Essential

Your attic, like the rest of your home, needs to breathe. A lot of problems can arise if your home isn’t getting the right amount of air flow. Some of the benefits of proper attic ventilation include:


  • Extending the life of your shingles.
  • Improving the air quality in your home.
  • Defending against water vapour, which causes mold.
  • Preventing ice buildups.
  • Improving energy-efficiency.

Attic ventilation is the great way to protect your home against mold infestations, environmental damage, and airborne pollutants. Contact one of our experienced technicians at Isolation Multi-Services for more information about our attic ventilation repair and installation services.

Attics Are a Major Mold Risk

Studies have shown that 50% of homes have mold in the attic. The dangers of mold are more than just structural—mold exposure can lead to serious health conditions including respiratory and allergy issues. Having your attic inspected for mold is the best way to control and remove an infestation before it gets out of hand. A professional mold inspection and removal company will be able to identify a mold infestation in your attic and have it eradicated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Attics are often neglected, but their regular maintenance can greatly improve the quality of your home. The ventilation, insulation, and mold services provided by Isolation Multi-Services will keep your attic clean and safe. Contact us today to find out more.