What are the signs of poor residential insulation?

Have you ever stayed in a cabin somewhere out in nature? If you have, then you probably noticed that the temperature inside was at the mercy of the world outside. Big swings in temperature, mold growing around the place, and cold floors are just a few of the problems that these buildings have to deal with. Proper insulation solves those problems for homes in the city. Having insulation that is installed correctly is a must in the Quebec climate.

If your home insulation isn’t installed properly, it can end up costing you money. Here are some signs that you have poor insulation in your home.

High energy bills

You’ve probably got an idea of how much you spend on average on your monthly energy bills. If you’ve noticed your bills are higher than normal and there’s no obvious explanation, then it could be an insulation problem. When it’s done properly, your insulation should keep the cool air in and the warm air out in the summer, and vice versa in the winter, making things easier for your HVAC system. If it isn’t working properly, the system will have to work harder to keep up.

 Mold growing in the basement

Mold is an organism that thrives in damp and humid environments. It usually comes with a musty smell and creates discolorations on the walls. Breathing in mold spores constantly also comes with health issues such as aggravated allergies and respiratory infections. If your insulation isn’t working to block moisture, then your basement can become very damp and humid, creating an environment conducive to mold growth. The costs of mold removal continue to rise, so avoiding them altogether is your best bet.

Big changes in temperature

If your insulation isn’t working properly, the inside of your home will be more affected by the temperature outside. When you start noticing regular swings in temperature greater than normal, it’s time to contact the residential insulation experts at Isolation Multi-Services.