Installing Insulation in an Old Home

Modern housing codes dictate that homes be adequately protected against the elements by using insulation. Since these codes have changed over the years, chances are that if you have an older home, then you have less than you need. There are many reasons why you should add insulation to an old home, and doing it might not be as difficult as you think.

Adding insulation will increase comfort

The materials, technology, and methods that we use to build homes in modern times are far different than they were even 50 years ago. Old homes were built with different kinds of wood, with different techniques, and with different planning. That’s why so many people complain about drafty old homes. Insulation regulations were far different, and heating came from different methods – an indoor fireplace, for example.

Adding insulation to an old home could help make life more comfortable for those inside.

It will save you money on energy bills

Adding insulation will help save you money on energy bills. We recommend this for all of our customers, but it is very important for those with old Quebec homes. Since so much more cold air will get into your house, and so much of your heat will escape during winter, you will save more than the average customer whose home was built with more modern technology.

How to add insulation to your home

Adding insulation starts with getting an energy audit. A professional audit will let you know where your insulation is, where you need extra, and what kind to get. To accomplish this, you should contact professional residential insulators. Getting the job done right the first time is paramount in this situation. The longer you wait, the more you spend on bills. Once you know how much you need and what the benefits are, you can contact a professional insulation company.

Adding insulation to an old home will make your life better and save you money. Contact Isolation Multi-Services today to find out more.