Is Your Home Poorly Insulated?

Insulation isn’t something you think about usually, but poorly planned protection can lead to expensive energy bills. Even if it seems hidden, insulation plays a huge role in your home’s comfort level and energy efficiency. Evaluating the insulation in your home will help you plan corrective action to improve its efficiency over time. Here are some signs that your home is poorly insulated.

Poor Indoor Air Quality: Cracks and holes near your windows or walls will cause outside pollutants to enter your home and reduce its air quality. Insulation closes up holes and cracks inside your home and prevents outdoor pollutants from entering, retaining good air quality at all times.

High Energy Bills: If you are slapped with higher energy bills than normal, it’s probably because your heating and cooling units are working harder than normal to function. This is because the insulation is probably damaged, causing cool air to leave a room in summer and hot air to leave the room in winters. Proper insulation will prevent air from leaving the room, allowing your appliances to work less hard –– eventually reducing your energy bills.

Attic Moisture: If you find water or moisture in your attic, then it could be because of poor insulation. This is because heat rises up to the attic when it is poorly insulated. This heat will result in the condensation of moisture. If the problem continues, mould and mildew can form.

The Solution: Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

The good news is that poorly insulated homes won’t cost you a fortune, especially when you look to polyurethane spray foam insulation for the answers. This type of insulation is a spray-applied solution that combines plastic and rubber qualities for providing a layer of protection in your home. Spray foam is usually sprayed into cavities and can expand and contract with the walls of the building easily.

This versatile insulation will maintain closed gaps and will stop air leaks from entering your home, giving it the insulation it needs. Polyurethane spray foam is considered highly effective in terms of acoustic and thermal insulation, making this investment totally worthwhile for your home –– especially when you consider the cost-saving benefit in the form of lower energy bills.

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