Commercial and institutional insulation

Our expertise for your office, business or residential complex

Multi-Service Insulation is the partner to choose for carrying out large-scale projects in insulation, soundproofing, fireproofing and insulation for a variety of industries.
Commercial and institutional insulation Commercial and institutional insulation Commercial and institutional insulation

Commercial insulation: big savings for building owners

Did you know that commercial building owners can save big and waste less time and energy each year simply with proper insulation? Considering that a significant part of a building owner’s budget goes to indoor air temperature control in both winter and summer months, it is important to see that a commercial building’s insulation is optimal. Good insulation helps:

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Control indoor air temperature better
  • Ensure your staff’s and customers’ well-being
  • Depending on the type of insulation chosen, noise reduction

Your experts in commercial insulation in Montreal

Whether you’re in the Montreal area or Laval, when calling upon the expertise of Isolation Multi-Services, you will be taken care of by professionals with many years of cumulative experience in commercial building insulation projects. We use different kinds of insulating materials such as polyurethane, urethane, cellulose as well as wool mats, depending on the room to insulate and the needs to fulfill.

With our vast fleet of trucks, modern equipment and a team of seasoned experts, we can perform the thermal and acoustic insulation of commercial buildings while ensuring guaranteed safety. We also meet the needs of contractors for a variety of residential construction, condos complex, town houses or real estate renovation work all within a reasonable time frame. Our past clients appreciate our ability to respond quickly as well as our after-sales service, which has led us to become a CAA-approved construction supplier.

Our specialization: commercial, industrial and institutional insulation

Isolation Multi-Services is behind numerous high-scale projects in the field of industrial, institutional and commercial insulation as well as in soundproofing and fireproofing for a variety of industries.

Our services also extend to condo complexes, commercial buildings, industrial structures, residential dwellings, hotels or institutional structures (schools, government facilities, etc.). Whether it’s fireproofing a commercial outlet building, insulating and soundproofing a hotel or insulating a school, customers trust Isolation Multi-Services for quality work carried out efficiently and quickly.

For any insulation project, you can rely on the expertise of Isolation Multi-Services, your number one insulation contractor in the greater Montreal area. Contact us for a free quote today!

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