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Basement insulation Basement insulation Basement insulation

Why is basement insulation in Laval and Montreal so important? Your basement is an area of the house which has many uses, from storage to for entertaining guests (if it is finished).

The cellar: a priority for comfortable indoor air

The basement is also the place that contributes most to energy waste, and allows cold air in to the home. Winter temperatures can dip well below freezing in Laval and Montreal, and if yours is not properly insulated, heat transfer will occur and cold air can get into your home.

Is my basement well insulated?

Do you have cold floors, feel drafts, or notice high heating bills? Then it is probably because your basement isn’t insulated, or the work hasn’t been done properly. The amount of energy that homes waste because of poor insulation is estimated to be as high as 15%. That really adds up over time.

At Isolation Multi-Services, we specialize in providing high-quality basement insulation in Laval and Montreal so that your home stays warm.


The Benefits of Isolation Multi-Services

We are founded on the principle of dedication to customer service. We will complete your insulation project in a professional manner and ensure that your home is eco-friendly, energy efficient, and stays warm throughout the winter.

Our professional insulation technicians are well-trained and have a plethora of experience in installing the best insulation for homes in the local area. When having insulation work done, you want to ensure that you get someone who knows how harsh it can be during the winter in Laval and Montreal. Call Isolation Multi-Services.

We have the latest high quality materials, an experienced staff, and the right knowledge and skills to ensure that the job is done right.

Isolation Multi-Services is a trusted name in basement insulation in Laval and Montreal. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.

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